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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to New Jersey's coronavirus cases?

In early May 2021, New Jersey removed many historical cases as part of a process to remove errors. This resulted in a steep decline in newly reported cases. The tallies on this page include probable and confirmed cases and deaths.

How does New Jersey report cases and deaths?

The state reports cases and deaths based on a person’s permanent or usual residence. The Times has identified reporting anomalies or methodology changes in the data. May 5, 2021: New Jersey added more than 2,600 cases from previous months. April 26, 2021: New Jersey removed more than 10,000 duplicate cases.

Where does the times get its data for New Jersey?

In data for New Jersey, The Times primarily relies on reports from the state. New Jersey typically releases new data each day. Weekend counts may be lower because fewer sources report to the state.

What is the average number of positive tests in NJ?

New Jersey's seven-day average for new positive tests increased to 1,939, up 68% from a month ago. That’s the highest average since Sept. 14. Will there be another stimulus check in 2022? Will there be another stimulus check in 2022?

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