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Where was the accident in Sussex County NJ?

The accident occurred early Sunday in Sussex County. Bryce Dershem, who was tops in his class at Eastern Regional High School in Camden County, recited his own valedictory address from memory after the principal switched off his mic and insisted he stick to an approved text. Will N.J. have a bad mosquito season this summer? Here’s what experts say.

Where was the nursing home accident in New Jersey?

Other readers defend for-profit nursing homes and take on the "entitlement generation." Gov. Phil Murphy announced Sunday's latest COVID-19 statistics for New Jersey via Twitter. The accident occurred early Sunday in Sussex County.

Why was there a fire in Ocean County NJ?

Wet weather could trigger big numbers of some types of mosquitoes, but other factors also play a role. The county line on ballots discourages candidates from deviating from the dictates of party insiders, otherwise known as unelected power brokers. The Ocean County Fire Marshal’s office determined the fire was accidental.

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