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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is NJ Transit located in New Jersey?

NJ Transit provides rail service throughout northern New Jersey, between Philadelphia and Atlantic City in southern New Jersey, and in the lower Hudson Valley west of the Hudson River. NJ Transit Rail Operations ( reporting mark NJTR) is the rail division of NJ Transit.

How many railcars did NJT buy for Bombardier?

On Dec. 12, NJT, as part of its Fiscal Year 2018 budget, awarded Bombardier Transportation a $669.1 million contract for 113 Multilevel III regional/commuter railcars: 58 powered cars with electric propulsion (AC catenary), and 55 non-powered cars—33 cab cars and 22 trailer cars, 6 of those with ADA-compliant restrooms.

Where are NJ Transit trains stored?

NJ Transit's main storage and maintenance facility is the Meadows Maintenance Complex in Kearny, New Jersey. Other major yard facilities are located at Hoboken Terminal. Amtrak's Sunnyside Yard in Queens, New York serves as a layover facility for trains to New York Penn Station. Additional yards are located at outlying points along the lines.

When did NJ Transit take over NJ Conrail?

From the 1960s onward, the New Jersey Department of Transportation began subsidizing the commuter lines. By 1976, the lines were all operated by Conrail under contract to NJDOT. The system took its current form in 1983, when NJ Transit took over all commuter service in New Jersey.

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