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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for USF in New Jersey?

Assistance Provided To: Low income persons. Type of Assistance: Credit on natural gas or electricity. Procedure for Applying: LIHEAP Application. Award Period: Year round. Note: Please submit the completed application to your Local Application Agency. Read about other energy assistance programs at

Where is the main office of UIF Corporation?

We are still operating business as usual and can assist all customers and inquirers through our email at [email protected] or phone at 800 916 8432. MAIN OFFICE – HOME FINANCE 29777 Telegraph Road, Suite 3590

How does the University bank work with UIF?

You select the property and UIF, acting as an agent for University Bank, will purchase the property on your behalf from the seller. We then sell the property to you at an agreed upon marked-up price payable in monthly installments. Your initial contribution (down payment) towards the property can be as low as 3-5%.

How to become a member of the UIF team?

At UIF we are always looking for new talent. We offer a variety of positions. If you would like to join UIF team, please Visit Careers Page. For 1-4 months your payments may be reduced or suspended.

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