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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you file an unemployment claim in NJ?

Filing a claim for New Jersey unemployment insurance benefits mainly entails filling in some simple online forms. Thus, you simply go to the website where New Jersey unemployment insurance claims are meant to be filed, and click on the appropriate link to indicate that you want to file a claim. Then you fill in the required information.

When can you file your weekly unemployment claim?

You can file a weekly claim any time beginning at 12:01 a.m. Sunday to 5 p.m. of the last working day of the week – this is usually Friday, unless there is a state holiday. You cannot claim a week of benefits until the week ends. All weeks end at midnight on Saturday night.

How long can you collect unemployment in New Jersey?

Jobless residents in New Jersey can receive unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks with federally-funded extensions. The maximum length of time for receiving unemployment benefits in New Jersey varies according to several factors, especially the availability of federal benefits.

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