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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there 4 year colleges in NJCAA basketball?

Though these are two-year colleges, they do draw some similarities to four-year colleges at the NCAA level. For instance, like the NCAA, NJCAA basketball is comprised of three division levels—NJCAA D1, D2 and D3. These 452 member colleges are split among 24 regions, though not every region has participants in all division levels.

Who is the NJCAA mens basketball Player of the Year?

Deshawndre Washington earns the 2021 NJCAA DII Men's Basketball Player of the Year, presented by the Marines. Washington's ability to dominate the box score, helped lead the @SSCBasketball to a 20-6 record and national tournament berth.

How are college basketball scholarships awarded in NJCAA?

Insider tip: Unlike basketball programs at the NAIA level, NCAA and NJCAA basketball is considered a headcount sport. That means college coaches must award each scholarship (whether a full-ride or partial award) to a single recruit—if there are more than 15 recruits on a team, some will not receive a scholarship at all.

Can a basketball player go to a junior college?

While junior colleges—often abbreviated as JUCO—are often overlooked in the athletic recruiting process, men’s basketball players interested in competing at the college level are increasingly turning to junior colleges before moving on to four-year colleges.

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