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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find New Jersey City University?

Start your review of New Jersey City University. This University is easy to navigate. The name of each building is located on the buildings. You can also find a campus map. For those who need directions at hand simply log onto their website and use their Campus Map.

When did New Jersey City University change its name?

New Jersey City University. It was renamed as New Jersey State Teachers College at Jersey City in 1935 and Jersey City State College in 1958, becoming a liberal arts college in 1968. In 1998, the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education approved a change of institutional status and accepted its present name.

Is there a fire science degree at NJCU?

In addition, the NJCU Fire Science program is the only university-based bachelor's degree fire science program in the State of New Jersey. NJCU has started a program called "Professional Security" that helps students get into organizations such as the FBI, NSA, and CIA.

Where is Hepburn Hall at New Jersey City University?

The Hepburn Hall building is probably the building one uses the most when you first start. Here you'll find the admissions and bursars office. Buildings on campus are all walking distance.

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