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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a chatbot for New Jersey Department of Labor?

Officials warned that residents should not enter claim-specific information into the chatbot because there is not a live agent on the other end. Many residents have complained that they still have not received benefits, that they were denied benefits, or that the New Jersey Department of Labor’s online portal keeps crashing or freezing.

Is there a live chat for NJ unemployment?

While NJ Unemployment can't chat, our partner hires US-based experts who are on call and can help troubleshoot your issue for a small fee. Click to chat now with a paid expert. Someone used my info and filed a claim I just want the claim closed I do not work have...

Where do I go to Reset my njdol password?

Requests for password resets will be addressed by NJDOL staff. If the information you receive does not address your question, please contact our call center. We look forward to offering you personalized virtual services while our One-Stop Career Centers are closed for in-person services due to COVID-19 response efforts.

How many people have used Labor Department chat?

In its first three days of operation, approximately 50,000 users tried the chat feature, Labor said, “freeing up time for agents to focus on claims that need intervention rather than answering frequently asked questions.”

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