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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NJ consumer access docket app available?

The free New Jersey consumer access Docket app is now available in the App store or on Google Play in English or Spanish depending on Smartphone settings. The app allows people vaccinated in New Jersey to easily access their COVID-19 record digitally in case they lost their vaccination card or want quick access to their record.

What do you need to know about njiis?

This tutorial will give an overview of how to utilize NJIIS, review inventory, add patients, run reports, order COVID-19 vaccine and a summary of requirements for providers administering COVID-19 vaccine. All COVID-19 Vaccine Coordinators are required to view this on-demand tutorial.

How to access covid-19 immunization records in NJ?

Docket is a CDC-approved application used in multiple states (Utah and Minnesota, for example) that adheres to federal standards for data security and offers a simple way for New Jerseyans to access their COVID-19 immunization records.

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