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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a EHR system interface with njiis?

• EHR systems can interface with NJIIS through one of the following three interface types: –The File Uploadoption allows providers to log onto the NJIIS website and manually upload their batch HL7 files.

What do you need to know about njiis?

This tutorial will give an overview of how to utilize NJIIS, review inventory, add patients, run reports, order COVID-19 vaccine and a summary of requirements for providers administering COVID-19 vaccine. All COVID-19 Vaccine Coordinators are required to view this on-demand tutorial.

What is the purpose of the njiis interface management system?

The NJIIS Interface Management System (IMS) provides a standard mechanism for electronic data exchange and enables interoperability between NJIIS and various health systems

How to apply for njiis interface enrollment form?

1. Visit NJIIS home page  Click on “NJIIS Documents” link on the left navigation bar  Click on “NJIIS Interface Enrollment Request Form” link and fill out the electronic form.

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