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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is NJM Insurance Company in New Jersey?

By 1922, the Company was the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in New Jersey. In 1921, NJM began providing insurance for property loss, commercial auto accidents, private automobiles, and homes. NJM’s main office has been in West Trenton, New Jersey, since 1966.

When was New Jersey manufacturers casualty insurance company formed?

NJM Insurance Group, originally known as New Jersey Manufacturers Casualty Insurance Company, formed as a workers’ compensation insurance company in 1913, shortly after New Jersey signed the Workmen’s Compensation Act.

Who is NJM and what do they do?

NJM is a direct writer of personal and business insurance. The Company also works with a network of independent agents to meet the complex insurance needs of businesses. The last thing you need after you file a claim is a long wait for answers.

When did NJM become a workers'compensation insurer?

1966 - NJM's home office relocates to its current 100-acre campus in West Trenton. 1996 - NJM becomes the first workers' compensation insurer in New Jersey to be state-certified as its own Managed Care Organization (MCO), providing medical evaluation, case management, claim adjustment and, when appropriate, modified return-to-work programs.

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