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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the use of njmmis limited to Medicare?

Use is limited to use in Medicare, Medicaid and other programs administered by CMS. You agree to take all necessary steps to insure that you, your employees, organization and agents abide by the terms of this agreement.

Where can I find EHR information for NJ?

Information about the attestation system for New Jersey's Medicaid EHR Incentive Program is available on the NJMMIS website. For general EHR Incentive Program information and details on provider eligibility, registration, and attestation, please visit to learn more.

What do you mean by " I agree " in njmmis?

By clicking the box “I agree”, you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. If acting on behalf of an organization you, you represent you have the authority to act on their behalf. Your browser is not supported.

How to become a Medicaid provider in NJ?

If you are interested in becoming a Medicaid provider, please visit for provider enrollment application information. NJ FamilyCare State Plan services offer members, who are experiencing some degree of functional impairment, Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services to help them with aspects of daily living.

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