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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to file a new claim for unemployment?

Important: If your benefit year has expired, you must apply for a new claim, even if you are on an extension. We will send you a notice telling you to apply for a new claim if you are still certifying for benefits. If you have an existing Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claim, you do not need to submit a new application.

How to certify for and claim unemployment benefits?

"I want to certify for and claim benefits." You must confirm each week that you are still eligible for benefits in order to get paid. "I need to update my information." You can change your address, phone number, and other information from the online dashboard.

When do federal unemployment benefits end in NJ?

FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: The federal American Rescue Plan Act was signed March 11, and extended unemployment benefits through Sept. 4. NJ workers currently claiming federal benefits will receive an additional 25 weeks. Anyone currently receiving unemployment in any amount will also receive the $300 weekly supplemental benefit.

Where can I get unemployment tax withheld in NJ?

You can opt to have federal income tax withheld when you first apply for benefits. You can also select or change your withholding status at any time by writing to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Unemployment Insurance, PO Box 908, Trenton, NJ 08625-0908.

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