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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nomads soccer club?

The Nomads Soccer Club is a member league of the US Soccer Development Academy, which is a national league run by the US Soccer Men's National Team program. Teams that compete in the US Soccer DA include professional clubs from the MLS.

When will Escondido United be joining Nomads Soccer Academy?

Effective March 15th, 2021 Escondido United is excited to announce that they will be making the move to join Nomads Soccer Academy.

Why join the nomads?

The Nomads brand is respected throughout the United States. This reputation has been earned over 40 years of competing against other coaches and clubs throughout the World. The Nomads Soccer Club promotes developing soccer players who have a feel and love for the game as well as the Club.

Does the nomads have a futsal program?

We are working on adding a Futsal program later in 2018. Our home field, Kinsell Field at the Hickman Youth Athletic Complex, was built by private donations coordinated by Jeff Kinsell in 1996, this field is considered "professional standard" and has been maintained all these years by the Nomads.

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