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Frequently Asked Questions

What does nominal mean in science?

What does 'Nominal' mean. Nominal means very small or far below the real value or cost, and in finance, this adjective modifies words such as fee, interest rate and gross domestic product (GDP).

What is nominal defined?

Definition of 'nominal'. nominal. You use nominal to indicate that someone or something is supposed to have a particular identity or status, but in reality does not have it. As he was still not allowed to run a company, his wife became its nominal head.

What does nominal mean in math?

Nominal means the notional or minimum significance of a thing. This is different from most things in mathematics. Things in mathematics tend to be literally true, and you can trust them to do the same thing they always do no matter what. But not so with nominalism.

What is the meaning of nominal?

• NOMINAL (noun) The noun NOMINAL has 1 sense: 1. a phrase that can function as the subject or object of a verb. Familiarity information: NOMINAL used as a noun is very rare.

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