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Frequently Asked Questions

What does nominal mean in space industry?

: SpaceXLounge How did "nominal" come to mean normal operation in space industry? As far as I know the term is only used that way in the space industry. Nominal means, very small or non existent. Seems very strange thats it taken on this "everything is going according to plan" meaning? Whats the history behind this?

What does nominal mean in mission planning?

The relevant definition of “nominal” is, “as named.” Nominal, in this technical context, does not mean “normal.” It means as planned, as named, or as written (in the mission plan). Often, it means “within acceptable or expected boundaries.”

What does nominal size mean?

Definition of nominal. b : of, being, or relating to a designated or theoretical size that may vary from the actual : approximate the pipe's nominal size.

What is the origin of the word nominal?

The original definition of "nominal" is "as named, and comes from the word's origin in the latin root nomin-, meaning "name". This has evolved to mean things like "in name only" (e.g. "the queen is the nominal head of state"), and "as named" (e.g. "my car battery is nominally 12 volts, but right now it's reading 14.1 volts").

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