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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of nominalization?

Definition of nominalization. : the process or result of forming a noun or noun phrase from a clause or a verb.

When do you nominalize an adjective in a sentence?

One of the most common reasons for nominalising adjectives in English is when the adjective has been used to denote a collective group. This is then changed to a noun by simply omitting the original noun in the sentence (people) and adding 'the'. Here are some examples of adjectives being nominalised.

How is nominalization used in the Bodic language?

Other nominalizing classifiers include đồ, điều, and việc . Nominalization is a pervasive process across Tibeto-Burman languages. In Bodic languages nominalization serves a variety of functions, including the formation of complement clauses and relative clauses.

How do you nominalize a word in Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese, nominalization is often implicit with zero derivation, but in formal contexts or where there is a potential for ambiguity, a word can be nominalized by prepending a classifier. Sự and tính are the most general classifiers used to nominalize verbs and adjectives, respectively.

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