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Frequently Asked Questions

Does nomorobo cost money?

The Nomorobo Mobile App is subscription based. After a 14 day trial, the subscription costs $1.99/month or $19.99/year per device.

How does nomorobo make money?

Nomorobo makes money by charging commercial users a fee based on their call volume. Ironically, call centers for legitimate businesses -- say, ones selling flowers through an 800 number -- get hit by robocallers the same way consumers do.

Does nomorobo cost anything?

Best of all, Nomorobo (Free at Nomorobo) is a free service. The company behind it-Telephone Science-makes its money from providing its database of robocalling numbers to carriers like Ooma Premier and Sonic, which use it as part their own robocall-blocking service.

What is nomorobo simultaneous ring?

Nomorobo uses a service called "simultaneous ring" that is provided by most VoIP phone companies. This feature allows customers to have numerous phone lines ring at the same time. If your phone company offers simultaneous ring and you sign up for Nomorobo, all of your calls will also go to Nomorobo's computers.

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