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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use robokiller or nomorobo to block incoming calls?

If you want more privacy, then Nomorobo is still an excellent option that provides call blocking on your device locally. If you're not concerned with a third-party service getting your incoming call information, then RoboKiller is my pick for combatting the incessant barrage of spam callers.

Is robokiller free to use?

Sure, there are free apps available, but RoboKiller gives you more capability to block those annoying robocalls and protect yourself against malicious spoofing calls. RoboKiller automatically blocks over 200,000 telemarketers and robocalls, even if they are spoofing or changing their numbers.

What is nomorobo and how does it work?

Also available as a VoIP service, the Nomorobo smartphone app works similarly to Hiya in that it uses its database to discern scams from legitimate phone calls, protecting users from the former and letting the latter go through.

Will robokiller remove my number from a spammer's call list?

All of these features give you a better chance that your phone number will be removed from a spammer's call list. RoboKiller can also identify callers and show them right on the incoming call screen, which is something I haven't seen from other services or call blocking apps.

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