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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-accountable plan?

A non-accountable plan is a reimbursement plan or policy which does not meet all the requirements for an accountable plan. Amounts paid under a non-accountable plan are income to the employee and must be included in wages with appropriate tax withholdings.

What is the meaning of the word nonaccountable?

Definition of nonaccountable 1 : not accountable or answerable legally nonaccountable 2 : not required to be accounted for nonaccountable expenses : not requiring something to be accounted for a nonaccountable expense plan First Known Use of nonaccountable

What is a non-accountable payment?

The IRS says payments are considered Non-Accountable payments if any of the following conditions are met: The Employee is not required to or does not substantiate timely those expenses to the Employer with receipts or other documentation . Employee. It then becomes the Employees burden to offset these expenses on their personal tax return.

What is the meaning of the word accountable?

Definition of accountable 1 : subject to giving an account : answerable held her accountable for the damage 2 : capable of being explained : explainable … leaving aside variations accountable as printer's errors …

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