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Frequently Asked Questions

What is North American title?

The company has operated its own title agency, North American Title Company, since combining with a Lennar subsidiary at the end of 2018. It provides title underwriting services to lenders, real estate and title agents - and, in a transformative move direct to homeowners.

What is North American insurance?

North American Insurance is a privately owned company which allows the company to invest in more secure assets. Unlike some of its competitors (think AIG), North American Company for Life and Health Insurance invests in secure instruments, such as U.S. Savings Bonds.

What is an American title service agency?

Company Summary. American Title Service Agency serves homebuyers and sellers, real estate professionals, loan originators and servicers, commercial property professionals, homebuilders and others involved in residential and commercial property transactions with products and services to suit their needs.

What does a title company do?

Title companies are business entities that focus on the examination of the quality of titles or deeds associated with property holdings. In many instances, the title company will also function as the means of insuring the property during the process of a sale.

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