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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact McGaw Medical Center of northwestern?

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University welcomes your feedback. Contact our office with your comments and concerns. Housestaff are always welcome to provide anonymous feedback via our form.

Where is Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago?

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is an academic medical center in the heart of downtown Chicago with physicians, surgeons and caregivers representing nearly every medical specialty.

What do you need to know about Northwestern Medicine?

Be inspired by these stories about some of our Heroes for Better. From research studies to the Comprehensive COVID-19 Clinic, physicians and scientists across Northwestern Medicine are in relentless pursuit of answers about COVID-19. Learn about how these discoveries are leading to better care.

Is it worth it to go to McGaw Medical Center?

Graduate medical education is exciting and rewarding, but can be stressful. McGaw offers housestaff access to a variety of wellness resources. As a graduate medical education sponsor in one of the most culturally diverse cities, McGaw aspires to lead in academic diversity initiatives and practice.

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