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Frequently Asked Questions

How does northwestern Rec deal with power outages?

During many outages, Northwestern REC operations managers are able to switch feeds between substations, greatly reducing the outages to mere blinks. If your power is on, but you receive a notification that it shouldn't be, it very well may be because the co-op has switched feeds.

Where do Northwestern University football players go to school?

Orange, Calif. Orange Lutheran So. Richmond, Va. Collegiate School R-So. Oak Hill, Va. The Potomac School Redshirt Sophomore Oak Hill, Va. The Potomac School So. Nashville, Tenn. Battle Ground Academy

Do you need a mask for Northwestern recreation?

*Reservations are no longer required for entry into recreation facilities or in-person Group Exercise classes. Additionally, face masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated patrons.

How to contact northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative Association?

Please call and let us know your situation. If you are planning on doing any digging around your home or business, state law requires that you contact the Call 811 at least two working days before you dig. PennLines is a monthly magazine sent to the members of Northwestern REC. Read current or past issues.

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