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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Visa Bulletin released?

A. USCIS/DOS typically releases the Visa Bulletin between 6th and 14th of each month. The only way you can find out when it is release is to continously hit refresh on the visa bulletin archive page (link).

What is an Immigration Visa Bulletin?

Visa Bulletin is a publication regarding immigration to the United States published by the United States Department of State. The primary purpose of this bulletin is to provide an updated waiting list (also known as Priority Date) for immigrants that are subject to the quota system.The content of the bulletin is available on the web.

What is an immigration priority date?

A Priority Date is the date where a petition for immigration or a labor certification has been initially filed. It is used by United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to mark the date from which the immigrant must wait for an immigrant visa to becomes available.

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