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Frequently Asked Questions

How does email work at NPS?

Email, which is provided through Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web Access, as well as with our internal bulk email application, enables greater means of communication with the NPS campus, whether on or off site. Email is central to business at NPS, and is one of the most important services that ITACS supports.

What is NPS and why is it important?

It also lets you know where you stand concerning your competitors by way of NPS standards/benchmarks. NPS data is gathered by requesting your customers through an email to rate you on a scale of 0-10. This email is known as the NPS email.

How often should you send NPS surveys?

Send NPS survey email considering their journey. For instance, to measure how an event or a purchase affects their experience, run an NPS survey immediately following the event. Or to measure the silent customer experience journey, you can also send a survey every quarter or twice in a year.

How to improve NPS response rate with email marketing?

Instead of asking customers to click on a link that will take them to another page, embed an NPS question in the email. It will make it easier for them to answer the question. All they need to do is click on a button. Because of such ease and speed, the response rate will drastically improve. 12. Short and crisp

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