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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Nufarm products?

Nufarm is dedicated to promoting healthy growth for your plants and your business. Our insecticide, herbicide, fungicide and plant growth regulator solutions deliver results that help ensure your success. Download the product guide to learn more about Nufarm’s portfolio of greenhouse and nursery products.

Who is the manager of Nufarm United States?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Kevin Ashley MarCom Manager – CPP Phone: 919-379-7975 Email: [email protected] … FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: June 3, 2021 CONTACT: Katie Beth Groover MarCom Manager Phone: (919)…

Where does the work of Nufarm take place?

It starts in the lab. And it continues through our commitment to constant improvement, in the efficiency, safety and simplicity of our products. But our most important work is done by our people on the ground – on farms, vineyards and golf courses, and with wholesalers and industry partners around the world.

What kind of weed control does Nufarm offer?

A selective herbicide that provides effective control of annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds in highly managed turf, ornamental and native grass sites. Free Shipping! A professional selective post-emergent herbicide that provides control for broad-leaf weeds and brush on range-land and pastures. Free Shipping!

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