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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the latest version of NuGet provider?

Please ensure that '' or newer version of NuGet provider is installed and NuGet.exe is available under one of the paths specified in PATH environment variable value.

What kind of NuGet provider do I need for PowerShell?

NuGet provider is required to continue PowerShellGet requires NuGet provider version ‘’ or newer to interact with NuGet-based repositories.

Is there a newer version of Nuget in MSBuild?

MSBuild targets for nuget package restore and package build. There is a newer version of this package available. See the version list below for details. For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.

How to check if a package is installed in NuGet?

Check your internet connection. PackageManagement\Install-PackageProvider : No match was found for the specified search criteria for the provider 'NuGet'. The package provider requires 'PackageManagement' and 'Provider' tags. Please check if the specified package has the tags.

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