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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I downgrade a NuGet package?

Downgrade NuGet Packages - Visual Studio 1. First you should get the Package Manager Console Window. It is reachable via "TOOLS -> Library Package Manager ->... 2. Then you have to uninstall the current version of the library you want to downgrade, by executing the following... 3. At last you can ...

What does restore NuGet packages do?

NuGet package restore is a command against nuget.exe. It detects dependencies from one of several sources, and then retrieves those dependencies in an idempotent operation from an arbitrary location.

How do I install a NuGet package .nupkg file locally?

There are two common ways to install local .nupkg nuget package in Visual Studio. Step1: Note down path of your local NUGET package. Step2: Open NUGET manager by right click on project and click setting wheel as highlighted in below image. Step3: Click on Add button to add new NUGET source for VS.

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