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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nugget comfort couch?

The Nugget Comfort couch is growing in popularity. We have had the Nugget couch well before the craze. To read more about the Nugget couch and hear our full review, click here. Essentially, the Nugget Comfort is a kid’s couch made of foam that deconstructs and can also be played with as a toy.

How do I support the nugget while using it?

For maximum support while using the Nugget in its couch configuration, we recommend placing it up against a wall or in front of some other type of support surface. The microsuede covers will have some friction to keep the pillows in place, but it's not always enough to keep them totally stationary.

Why buy Nugget furniture?

With Nugget, playtime is a whole new animal, and every day is another adventure. Construct castles, ride on rocketships, say Hi to a friendly tiger on a safari, and still make it back home in time for dinner. Furniture that’s making waves. It turns out that when you combine a couch with a toy, people take notice.

How much does a nugget cost?

Nuggets with our original, classic microsuede covering are $229. Nuggets with patterned, special edition prints are $249. And Nuggets covered with our super cozy, double-brushed microsuede (including Harbor, Atlantis, and Redwood) are $259. Can I cancel my order? You bet.

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