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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Nugget Markets in Vacaville?

As a member of the Nugget Markets family since the age of 16, Erick has worked in every store department. An avid snowboarder and devoted family man, Erick is dedicated to giving you an outstanding shopping experience with a smile.

What can you buy at a Nugget Market?

At Nugget Markets, we offer a huge range of wines, beers, and adult beverages from around the world. Learn more about our adult beverage department. Empower your healthy lifestyle with sports nutrition, aromatherapy, apparel, vitamins, supplements and more.

Which is the Best Bakery in Nugget Markets?

For the best baked goods around, look no further than your local Nugget Markets bakery. Along with a wide variety of decadent creations handcrafted in-house, we also offer fresh-baked goods from local, artisan bakeries. Visit your local Nugget Markets for Homemade breads made from scratch every morning and other fresh-baked goodness.

How often does Nugget Market deliver fresh fruits and vegetables?

For the finest selection of fresh, local and organic ​fruits and vegetables delivered six days a week, drop by our produce department and see what’s ripe for the picking! Learn more about our produce department.

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