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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Nugget Market in Sacramento CA?

The Stilles are still running the place today, now with nine Nugget Market locations in the greater Sacramento area.

Who are the owners of the Nugget store?

Every associate at Nugget knows that company President Eric Stille and his father, Chairman of the Board Gene Stille, are still committed to the same principles that founders Mack and William were when they started the business: high-quality products and low prices.

Who is the owner of Nugget Markets in Vacaville?

As a member of the Nugget Markets family since the age of 16, Erick has worked in every store department. An avid snowboarder and devoted family man, Erick is dedicated to giving you an outstanding shopping experience with a smile.

How long has Nugget Markets been in Novato?

With Nugget Markets since 2009, Chaunté loves both the culture of the company and of the community she gets to serve. Striving for all-around quality, she believes it’s our associates who ultimately make shopping here such a great experience.

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