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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play Nugget Royale for free?

You can play Nugget Royale online for free on Poki. Pelican Party is a team of two creators who are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Jurgen is creating the visuals for the games. The game-mechanics are developed by Jesper (the End).

Who is the creator of on Poki?

Invite your friends by sharing the link in the lobby screen and enjoy this amazing game together! Stand on the glowing areas to claim them; you will unlock better weapons by doing so. is created by none other than Cem Demir, the creator behind RoboFight and Mini Royale 2. Give both games a play on Poki.

What do you do in on Poki?

In this game, students try to wreak havoc in the school during the break while teachers try and stop them. You can either be one of the students whose mission is to fill up the chaos meter by pulling pranks, or one of the teachers whose job is to stop them by catching them and sending them to detention.

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