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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Denver Nuggets record in 2009?

2009–10 Denver Nuggets season. Division champions. The 2009–10 Denver Nuggets season was the 43rd season of the franchise, its 34th in the National Basketball Association (NBA). After their trip the Conference Finals last season, the Nuggets started the season 35-18 before the All-Star break.

Who was the Denver Nuggets draft pick in 2008?

The Denver Nuggets had no draft picks in the 2008 NBA draft, but did acquire the draft rights of Sonny Weems from the Chicago Bulls. Weems was the 39th pick of the draft.

Who are the players on the Denver Nuggets?

Roster Table No. Player Pos Ht Wt 11 Chris Andersen C 6-10 245 15 Carmelo Anthony SF 6-7 238 12 Chucky Atkins PG 5-11 160 32 Renaldo Balkman PF 6-8 208 13 more rows ...

When did the Denver Nuggets lose to the Lakers?

As of May 2021 the Nuggets' six-game loss to the Lakers in the 2009 Western Conference Finals was tied closest the team has ever come to reaching the NBA Finals, after they made it to the conference finals in 2020 but were once again beat by the Lakers. June 26: The 2008 NBA draft took place in New York City.

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