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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to buy Nuggets Vol.2?

So, the big question is, does Nuggets, Vol. 2 deliver and is it worth spending the money for 100-plus songs you've never heard before? Well, if you're even slightly interested in this, the answer is yes.

When was Nuggets 2 Original Artyfacts released?

Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond, 1964–1969 is a 2001 four-disc box set from Rhino Records. While the original Nuggets compilation concentrated on the American pop and rock scene, the second Nuggets shifted its focus to the rest...

How is the air up there by the Nuggets?

The New York Times wrote: "This follow-up to the 1998 boxed set of classic American garage-rock and psychedelic nuggets is a highly recommended grab-bag of bad-boy classics and obscurities." "How Is the Air Up There?" ( The La De Das) 2:37

When did the Elektra Nuggets series come out?

Nuggets (series) Nuggets is a series of compilation albums by Elektra Records, continued by Rhino Records. Besides 5 box sets, 12 vinyl-only and 3 single-CD albums were also released during the 1980s and 2 new single-CDs were released in 2004. The name of the series, as well as its concept, is a takeoff on the 1972 double LP Nuggets:...

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