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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a second volume of the Nuggets?

Nuggets Volume 2. Lenny Kaye, who compiled the original Nuggets double LP set, also compiled a second volume that was never released. Many of the cuts appeared on the later Nuggets releases, but some did not. Below is the tentative track listing for Lenny Kaye's unreleased second Nuggets volume.

Where did the music for the Nuggets come from?

The name of the series, as well as its concept, is a takeoff on the 1972 double LP Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965–1968, originally compiled by Lenny Kaye and released on Elektra Records. The music on Rhino Records' 1984-1989 Nuggets series is similar to that on Kaye's original compilation.

Is there a remastered version of the Nuggets album?

In Europe in 2006 Rhino released a remastered version of the album featuring the original 1972 tracklist on a single compact disc in a miniaturized replica of the original gatefold sleeve. However, unlike the original album the tracks were presented using their mono mixes.

When did the Elektra Nuggets series come out?

Nuggets (series) Nuggets is a series of compilation albums by Elektra Records, continued by Rhino Records. Besides 5 box sets, 12 vinyl-only and 3 single-CD albums were also released during the 1980s and 2 new single-CDs were released in 2004. The name of the series, as well as its concept, is a takeoff on the 1972 double LP Nuggets:...

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