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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills are needed to be a nurse case manager?

No matter the specialty of the nurse, working in the case management field requires specialized education and skills. Critical thinking, assessment and communication are crucial skills to ensure successful interaction and coordination between doctors, patients, family members and the case manager.

When to use a nurse case manager?

When to Use a Nurse Case Manager. The nurse case manager who works from an office and handles all of the work by telephone, email, fax and regular mail is normally referred to as a telephonic case manager or TCM. The nurse case manager who works in the field, meeting in person with the injured employee and the medical provider (s) is referred to as a field case manager or FCM.

Do I need a nurse case manager?

Case management nurses must be registered nurses. Most have a Bachelor’s or advanced nursing degree however many case managers posses a Diploma or Associate’s degree in nursing. Case management certification is available and desirable, especially by insurance companies and hospitals.

What are some nursing skills for a resume?

Some skills you may mention in the nursing student resume are noted below: Writing down patient care plans. Implementing patient care plans with tasks such as preparing the patient for operations or other wounds treatment. Monitoring and noting down the pulse, temperature and blood pressure levels of patients.

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