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Frequently Asked Questions

What are nursing protocols?

Nursing Protocols. The development of comprehensive nursing protocols is basic to a nursing quality control program. Most nursing tasks are carried out at the initiative of the nurses rather than in direct response to a physician order.

What is a nursing protocol?

Nurse Protocol means a written document mutually agreed upon and signed by a nurse and a licensed physician, by which the physician delegates to that nurse the authority to perform certain medical acts pursuant to subsection (b) of O.C.G.A. § 43-34-23 These acts shall include, without being limited to, the administering and ordering of any drug.

What is protocol in healthcare?

In a healthcare setting, a protocol, also called a medical guideline, is a set of instructions which describe a process to be followed to investigate a particular set of findings in a patient or the method which should be followed to control a certain disease.

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