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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nvidia Shield worth buying and playing?

Yes the Nvidia shield portable is worth buying. Outside of the Nes and Gameboy its the system I have used the most. (I have have owned/own at least 20 handhelds/consoles) I use it for emulation, playing/using android games, as a tablet, grid service, and for game stream.

Is the Nvidia Shield the best streaming device?

The 2019 Nvidia Shield TV doesn't just look unlike any other streaming device we've ever seen (it's more like a mobile power charger), it's also one of the best streaming devices, period.

Is the Nvidia Shield worth it?

Bottom line. The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is worth the extra money if you know you’ll absolutely make use of all that extra storage space. Whether you want to load it up with offline media or a ton of awesome games, the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is right at home as the core of your home media entertainment. $299 at Amazon.

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