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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nye County the biggest county in Nevada?

Nye County is located in south central Nevada. Nye is the largest county in Nevada and is the third-largest county in the contiguous United States, after San Bernardino County in California and Coconino County in Arizona .

What cities are in Nye County Nevada?

Cities and towns situated in Nye County are made up of Amargosa Valley, Beatty, Carvers, Crystal, Currant, Duckwater, Gabbs, Hadley, Lockes, Manhattan, Mercury, Pahrump, Scotty's Junction, Sunnyside, Round Mtn., Tonopah, Yomba. Nye County has Federal Census Schedules to assist in finding out about your family tree.

Is Pahrump in Nye County?

Pahrump (/pəˈrʌmp/) is an unincorporated town in Nye County, Nevada, United States, about 62 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada. Pahrump lies near the Nevada-California border and the area had a 2010 population of 36,441.

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