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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Nye?

At Nye, technology is effectively utilized to help students reach their full potential\u2028 \u2028 . Our parents and our community are partners in the educational process\u2028 . All Nye students will develop an appreciation for the arts\u2028 , technology and physical education.

Who are the Nye Eagles?

Welcome from the Nye Eagles. We are a distinctive neighborhood school that serves the community of Valencia Park and its families. Our students bring the excitement of a diverse mix of cultures from around the world.

Do my students have to wear a mask at Nye?

Masks to be worn 100% of the time while on site at Nye. Masks will be worn indoors and outdoor at all times by everyone. Need a Device? If your student already has a device that is not working or is broken, please DO NOT return it to your school. Instead, contact the Online Learning Support Line at 619-732-1400.

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