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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Nye library?

Nye Library has something for everyone. Connect to the web via the FREE wireless internet, prepare projects and presentations using office software, and research academic and military subjects using our reference collection and multiple online resources.

Who is Wilbur Nye?

Wilbur Sturtevant Nye was born in Ohio in 1898. He entered the United States Army in 1917 and was appointed to West Point in 1918. Upon graduation in 1920, Nye selected Field Artillery as his branch of service.

How many books did Wilbur Nye write?

In addition, Nye went on to edit over forty books. Colonel Wilbur S. Nye was a carful editor, distinguished field artilleryman, and dedicated historian of the Western Indian Frontier and Civil War.

What is Colonel Nye’s philosophy of life?

His philosophy of life was simple: “The Christian religion is my philosophy: it contains everything that is needed for proper conduct by individuals and societies.” Held in great esteem, Colonel Wilbur S. Nye’s contribution in the preservation of America’s heritage has left a legacy that still endures.

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