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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nye stump Harvester?

Nye Stump Harvesters/ Stump Shear/ Wood Shear Nye Stump Harvesters and Stump Shears are ideal for removing and cutting through large tree stumps, as well as splitting trees lengthwise on the ground. Over the years Nye Manufacturing has learned that there is only one way to build a successful Stump Harvester: strong, extremely strong.

What is the best stump Harvester?

The Nye SHX Stump Harvester series is the strongest money can buy. Heavy-duty pin-on stump harvester. Ideal geometry for maximum performance. Heavy-duty pin grabber compatible stump harvester.

Why choose Nye garbage shears?

Nye GSX Garbage shears are designed to cut Municipal Solid Waste into fine pieces for hi-density packing into trucks, saving transport costs and space.. Nye RHG rotating hydraulic log grapples are designed for production log loading under severe working conditions.

What is the best horizontal tree shear for 5000 lb?

**Call for Nationwide Shipping** ISH512 Horizontal Skid steer Tree Shear The ISH512 horizontal tree shear for 5000 lb. to 8000 lb. class skid steers will give you the ability to shear vertical ...See More Details

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