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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MCU offer Zelle?

Does my credit union use Zelle? The Zelle® app will soon only be available to users whose banks and credit unions do not offer Zelle® directly to their customers. Because your financial institution offers Zelle®, you can use it directly through your banking app (and online banking, if available) to send and receive money. Does MCU have quick ...

What is my online banking customer number?

Your customer number, given to you when you signed up for Online Banking, is your date of birth (ddmmyy) followed by your unique number which identifies you to the bank. So for example if your date of birth is 9th March 1967 then your customer number would start 090367 followed by up to 4 numbers.

Is online banking safe at a credit union?

Yes, Online Banking is very safe. We have chosen a very secure system for our Online Banking, in order to keep your information private. Your account information is as secure as it is at your physical branch.

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