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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in NZXT Cam 2019?

NZXT CAM Upgrades to Version 4.0 November 18, 2019 CAM Los Angeles, CA - Nov 19, 2019, NZXT, a leading developer of software-powered hardware solutions for PC gaming, announces today that the latest iteration of NZXT CAM, a free PC monitoring software, is now available for users to download.

What can nznzxt Cam do for You?

NZXT CAM empowers you to see what your computer is doing, from processor load to bandwidth consumption. It also lets you know what applications are making use of every part of your machine. You can quickly track down any issues to ensure that you’re getting the optimal performance out of your computer.

What is NZXT manage?

Manage performance, temperatures, and devices all from a single application. NZXT CAM is fast, efficient, and easy-to-use, allowing you to control every aspect of your computer. Set your lights and fans to change whenever you launch one of our thousands of supported games.

Is data sent through NZXT Cam anonymized?

All data sent through NZXT CAM 4.0 is anonymized and will be used only to improve the user experience for NZXT CAM. Any user has the ability to opt-out of sending NZXT any of their data.

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