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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NZXT Cam send to NZXT?

NZXT CAM sends the following information to NZXT when logged in to an account or in guest mode. Anonymized performance data, which NZXT uses to make performance estimates around game performance on different systems. All functions except for the auto-updating of the CAM software can be disabled in the General tab under "Privacy".

Will NZXT components be installed with a gaming PC purchase?

If I purchase NZXT components separately with a Gaming PC Purchase, will those components be installed? NZXT is only able to assemble a PC with the components you have selected within the PC configurator.

What are nznzxt’s payment options?

NZXT offers many other payment options that have additional validation tools integrated into their services that give you more protection. PayPal when linked with a bank account does not charge any additional fees for purchases. Linked credit cards/debit cards can have fees up to a certain amount.

What will void the NZXT guarantee?

Any modifications to your System that are not authorized in advance by NZXT in writing, including without limitation overclocking or underclocking the GPU and/or CPU or physical alterations to the internal hardware, will void the Guarantee with respect to that System.

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