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Frequently Asked Questions

What does compatible TPM cannot be found mean?

If the message Compatible TPM cannot be found show means that the TPM is disabled or you don’t have a TPM module on your motherboard. Proceed to the next section to find out the motherboard manufacturer, model, and BIOS version to prepare to enable the TPM.

How to enable TPM for ASRock motherboard?

How to enable TPM 2.0 for ASRock motherboard using ASRock UEFI Setup Utility? Step 1: Shut down the PC. Step 2: Turn on the PC and press the BIOS key (DELETE or F2 which differs according to motherboard manufacturer, refer to the above list) to enter the BIOS setup.

Can TPM be used in UEFI mode?

Important points to note before enabling TPM 2.0 TPM 2.0 is ONLY supported in UEFI mode instead of Legacy and Compatibility Support Module (CSM) Modes of the BIOS. Devices with TPM 2.0 must have their BIOS mode configured as Native UEFI only.

What is firmware Trusted Platform Module (ftpm)?

AMD CPUs have an embedded TPM 2.0 called Firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM) since the AM4 platform (2016). Check below links for the updated list of Windows 11 Supported Intel and AMD Processors:

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