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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a walkthrough for the video game observer?

This guide to Observer contains full walkthrough, which describes all steps that are necessary to finish it. This unofficial guide to the video game Observer contains detailed walkthrough for the game, which describes all steps that are necessary to finish it.

Which is the best way to play observer?

Check our guide for Observer to learn about all endings in Observer. Interrogate neighbors and identify the caller | Case #405 Walkthrough Observer Guide. Hack into Pieta Sagan's mind | Case #628 Walkthrough Observer Guide.

Who is the author of the observer game guide?

Apart from the aforementioned ability to hack into people's minds, the detective can make use of several futuristic gadgets, such as a bio scanner, which analyses human tissue and blood stains. Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for Guide contains : 25 pages, 163 images.

Which is the main gameplay feature of observation?

The main gameplay feature of Observation forces players to solve puzzles via the ISS's on board AI, S.A.M. This page will serve as a hub for all of the puzzles in the game. As you progress through Observation, make sure to come back to this page if you get stuck.

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