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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more reliable, a self rating or an observer rating?

In these cases, observer ratings may be more reliable than self-ratings (or, a standardized test that asks a variety of questions relating to a topic like marital relations may be a better choice than a rating scale). Some generic examples of rating scales are listed below.

Is the observer a good game to play?

Observer is a good sci-fi horror adventure, with a strong narrative, blessed by the amazing performance of Rutger Hauer. Some less-convincing elements (notably, recycling of assets and gameplay ideas from Layers of Fear, the previous game from Bloober Team) don't diminish the value...

How to become a mission observer in the Air Force?

Click on the SQTR Entry tab, then for the Achievement field select MO - Mission Observer. Then enter all of the information for each task completed. Then print out a new CAPF 101 Operational Specialty Qualification Card with your trainee Mission Observer rating listed on it (it will say *MO on the card).

Who is the voice actor for the game observer?

The game is visually stunning and sets a new bar for the genre of Cyberpunk games. The voice acting from Rutger Hauer is perfectly casted, and he delivers the role spectacularly. Observer is overall pretty short, but it will have you playing until you push on to uncover the truth – it truly is a captivating game.

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