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Frequently Asked Questions

What does obsession mean?

Definition of obsession. 1. : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly. : compelling motivation. an obsession with profits. has an obsession with gambling.

What are examples of obsession?

Quick Answer. Typical examples of obsessions are hoarding, fear of germs, and having pervert erotic thoughts. Obsessions also encompass uncertainties in relationships, sexual orientation and even religious matters.

What is the difference between and obsession and a compulsion?

Obsessions are the unwanted thoughts and ideas that preoccupy a person’s mind whereas compulsions are the repeated behaviors. This is the main difference between obsession and compulsion. ... Compulsions are recurring acts or behavior, which usually stems as a result of obsessions.

What makes a person obsessed?

What makes a person obsessed. Usually if someone becomes "obsessed" with another it is because they are not satisfied with there own self. people often try to fill there lack of self-esteem with the validation they receive from another person. they see that pe...

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