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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the obsession hb33 compound bow?

Coming from a company that is obsessed with the pursuit of making excellent bows, the Obsession HB33 compound bow is a new entry into the market. It’s perfect for newer archers and offers a versatile package at a competitive price point, helping set this bow apart from its competition.

What does the hb33 mean?

The HB33 is a hybrid that means business. Designed with Obsession’s performance and attention-to-detail in mind, the HB33 is the perfect bow for that up-and-coming archer who is ready to tell their own story.

Who is obsession bows?

Meet the 2019 Obsession Bows Lineup. Obsession Bows is one of the newer bow companies on the block, but that hasn’t stopped them from jumping right in the game and producing some of the hottest bows you’ll ever put your hand to on the line or in the woods. The company is not afraid to break away from the pack and create something new.

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